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Living in an HOA -
is rarely like this Geico commercial

But managing one
can feel like this sometimes.

What is an HOA? 

An HOA is a 'planned' community, typically for single family dwelling's to sustain a community standard of living. Often common areas like parks, pools, tennis courts etc. are included in memberships.

Modular Homes

HOA Management

HOA Boards often employ a 'management' company to help operate the Day-to-Day business portion of the organization. Management Companies can act as mediators for members, third party verification, financial managers, social organizers and resources to grow your community.

Outside Dinner

Who's in Charge?

HOA's are non profit organizations and they are required to work like a business. Typically they are ran by a volunteer elected board of 'members' (homeowners) in the community. A board and committees operate the organization until such time as they are voted out, step down or no longer own property in the community. Power to enforce rules, privilege's and sanctions come from the State Laws, Bylaws of the Organization and Covenants followed by Policy and procedures. 

Home Gardening

Us working for your HOA

$9.00 per home per year includes: financial management, attendance at your annual meetings, yearly Board training, development and updates to Policy and Procedure, Contract Mediation and oversight, Monthly Reports on finances, compliance, and new owner's updates. 

Community Members
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