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Developing a Non Profit from Grass Roots 

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Starting a NonProfit

The Beginning

We meet with you personally to develop individualized Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Conflict of Interest's and Financial policies. Our goal is to set your organization up to qualify for A ratings from the beginning, not just financially but in your day to day operations. We prepare you to be a National Accredited Organization from the begining. 

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Training The Team

It is part of the package

When The Community Firm helps you set up a Non Profit, training your board and team is part of the package. It is imperative they understand what the bylaws mean, why there are there and what their responsibilities are outside holding meetings. 

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What it takes to last beyond start up

If your plan is to operate on grant money, we need to revise your plan. Every business needs a plan to be self sustaining and plan for seasons of  giving and non giving. We will assist in the development of programs and/or products that help maintain viability. 

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Grant Money

The Added Bonus to Move Forward

Grant writing is the art of putting outcome measurements into eloquent words so your organization can change the world.


Grants are utlized to move programs forward, enhance a program, fill the gap in services or start new programs while the program builds sustainability.


Grants should be part of your strategic plan and part of your financial planning (with contingency). Researching grants and developing outcomes for data takes time and skill. We offer Grant writing as an additional service open to all Non Profit organziations.  

Developing and Managing Homeowners Associations 

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HOA Managment

Growing your Community

Managing a rental property is different from managing your Home Owners Corporation. Let us meet with you to show you the difference in emowering you to be a better Community and just doing the paper work. 

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Financial Vision

Transparency always

We utilize web based financial programs that allow your organizations Treasurer to see your budget, balance and audit the files at any time. 

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Training Board and Committees

As part of your yearly contract we train your Board members on the bylaws and emerging trends and train your committees on policy and procedure

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